Welcome to KetoLiveWell home page. I am Gale Hawkins and due to failing health in 2014 I knew I had to make some major changes because at age 63 I was even needing help getting in and out of cars and had purchased a mobility scooter. Forty years of Ankylosing Spondylitis (my type of arthritis) had taken a toll on all aspects of my health. 

This is not so much of a How To Eat website because there are many ways to eat and be healthy. Now in the third year of researching how to recover my own health I have decided to use Keto Live Well as a place to pull together my research results into one place and add more research results as I move forward.

My goal for the Blog Pages is to get specific areas of interest from you the reader that you would like to see science papers on subjects of interest to you.

The web is full of personal opinions on every subject under the sun and more personal opinions on health and how to eat are not needed in my view.

Having earned an OD degree many years ago I have been digging for research based more on science even if it is short on details or in scope instead of simple public opinions.  

While I sell nothing the vitamins, supplements and other items that I mention will be ones that I have or still do purchase for my own use and will share my experiences and results. 

I do not give specific medical advice but will post the work of other professionals on most any related subject so you the reader will have as much info as possible for your own use as you see fit. 

The human body and how it works amazes me even more as I learn more about it daily.

Thanks for visiting www.ketolivewell.com and sharing your health comments and info that other readers may find helpful. 

Gale Hawkins