While I have Keto in the blog's name I never set out to "Do Keto" and had never heard of it when all of my health was quickly crashing in 2014 at the age of 63.

The first of August 2014 told me to come back the first of November 2014 to start Enbrel injections to manage my arthritis pain. I was to get a list of vaccinations because when the Enbrel suppressed my immune system I would at higher risk of most all types of diseases. 

Since my son had driven me the three hour trip to the clinic I started my research on Enbrel potential side effects in light of my poor state of health.

With my healthcare background I was highly concerned and "knew" there had to be a better way than Enbrel to manage my pain. On a hunch I felt if I could get off of sugar and all forms of all grains that my pain would be managed.

All of August and September 2014 I tried to taper off. The cravings were strong and I would give in again and again. I was listening to a friend talk about what he teaches in AA and realized I was in Denial over the hold carbohydrates had on me.

Thirty days before I was to start Enbrel injections I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I quit sugar and all grains cold turkey the first of Oct 2014. It was a hellish first two weeks for me and my family then cravings for sugar, bread, cake, etc just quickly faded.

By the 7 November 2014 doctors appointment my 40 years of subjective pain levels in the 7-8 level range had dropped to the 2-3 range. Both doctors were surprised when I told them at that time I was going to pass on starting the Enbrel injections to see if I could continue to manage my pain long term by diet. Now it is May 2017 and my pain level is more like a level of 1 or less most days.

Keto was an accident. At the same time I cut out sugar and all grain I went heavy into coconut oil hoping it would help with pain and mental clarity based on the work of Dr. Mary Newport. These changes meant I was by default eating Low Carb High Fat.

I can not tell you how to eat but I can tell you how I eat and what it has done for me that has been positive for myself, my family and work.