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Keto progress update

Over the past 15 months I have still been eating keto and taking my list of supplements.

My arthritis pain continues to decrease and my range of motion continues to improve to some degree. Health and health markers are better than 30 years.

One reason I have not been posting is I bought a 1966 Ford 3000 tractor last fall and got it ready for a local antique tractor show this last May. This week I bought  a 1948 Model B Allis Chalmers tractor in relative good condition wear wise except for the blown engine that we have pulled out and are working on making it as good as new with a full rebuild kit. I grew up working small Ford tractors on the farm hence the Ford 3000 and from the age of 3 I played on a Model B AC tractor and started driving it at the age of 5 until Dad traded it for a 600 Ford in 1958.

I needed a truck and equipment tilt trailer to go to tractor events. The 2010 Ford F 150 with 205,000 miles needed a lot of attention so that has been a work in progress this summer. The 10 year old 14K pound rated 22' tilt trailer needs some attention but is usable as is. It will have to be after the Sept 2018 antique equipment event in Paducah KY before we start cleaning it up to paint Ford Blue but have have to add some Prussian Orange now.. 

Had I not started Keto or at least Low Carb High Fat in Oct 2014 I am not sure I would be alive today. That I would still be working and picking up a hobby like antique tractors was not on the radar back then.

Life is good and the kids turn 21 next month and both are in college.

While Keto is not magically it sure can seem that way in my case some days. My main health concern today is not to get hurt as I am able to think and move better than in years.

Gale Hawkins


12 Feb 2019

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