PriaPlex is a good example many supplements that I am testing. At a glance one would think it was an Herbal Supplement for restoring lost hair.

Note the last line in the above article reads: 


B401 is currently distributed under license in several countries. In the U.S. B401 is available as PriaPlex®.

Treatment with a herbal formula B401 enhances neuroprotection and angiogenesis in the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington’s disease. Note we have jumped from restoring hair to testing the same product to protect in Huntington's disease in Taiwan.

Now we will move to testing the same product for protection against Alzheimer's effect in mice models.

Neuroprotective Effects of the Herbal Formula B401 in Both Cell and Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease

"5. Conclusions

Here we used the herbal formula B401, a Taiwan-US patent Chinese herbal medicine, as alternative medical applications in remission of AD-induced neurotoxicity. As summarized in Figure 10, the present study reported that oral B401 treatment significantly improves cognitive abilities such as spatial learning and memory as well as short-term memory in 3× Tg-AD mice. In addition, oral B401 treatment may have neuroprotective effects on the brain of 3× Tg-AD mice via increasing expressions of BDNF, VEGF, and antioxidative SOD2, while suppressing ROS production and reducing expressions of Aβ, p-Tau, NFTs, and oxidation-related 3-NT. It has been clarified that AD was induced via multiple pathological or neurotoxic pathways. As suggested from our results and previous study, we found that the herbal formula B401 has multifunction in blood circulation activation and neurodegenerative protection in AD and HD transgenic mice [2021]. Thus we suggested that the herbal formula B401 may have the potential to be developed into an optimum TCM for neurodegenerative diseases such as AD and HD."

While this does not prove anything for human Alzheimer's or Huntington's diseases it does potentially offer one hope of going hair on top of the head and fix the brain on the inside. We know it is safe at 3 caplets 2x daily for humans. This just one reason I get excited about researching research outside of the USA especially when you can order it off Amazon and have it in two days. :)