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Accidently finding Keto

In Aug 2014 with my health crashing at the age of 63 and the doctors wanting me to start Enbrel injections for pain manage in 90 days turned out to be a life changing event.

Finally I had to try something very different from the last 50 years. I when off sugar and all grains and added large amounts of coconut oil. Without knowing what I was doing I accidently found Keto.

After realized this way of eating was working for me I started to read to see what I had stumbled into. The more I read the more I realized I had found what I had been looking for a lifetime. 

Once eating in a way to stay in nutritional ketosis most of the time it just became natural and required little thought. After the cravings of the past 50 years left and did not return the weight came off and my health markets started to recover nicely.

If you have not found a natural way to eat that leads to automatic weight management I hope you find the way that works for you soon. 

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Results of Keto Way Of Eating (WOE)