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Results of Keto Way Of Eating (WOE)

In the first 30 days  of leaving off the sugar and all grains my pain levels of 7-8 had dropped to subjective levels of 2-3 and still remain low today. My life controlling IBS resolved I realized after about six months of eating Keto as did bleeding gums and hemorrhoids.

Mental clarity returned. I know the lower pain levels helped that aspect. I got where I could get in and out of cars unaided and walk a mile if needed. The kids commented about how fast I was walking even.

While keto is not magic but is based on science it is not for everyone but for going on three years it has worked to meet my health needs. Five years ago the optometrist said I was going to be looking at cataract surgery but at my last visit he said he thought my new way of eating has halted the cataract development.

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